Leo K. Bustad

“Grief is the price of loving”

~ Dr. Leo K. Bustad ~
Co-Founder of Delta Society, now Pet Partners

Vet Pet Memorial Program

The Vet Pet Memorial Program is designed for veterinarians across the country to pay tribute to their clients and patients.  Several DVM’s and clinics contribute on a monthly basis to Pet Partners.  Participating veterinary offices provide a list of their patients that have passed away during the previous month along with the client information.  Pet Partners sends a note to those individual clients letting them know that a gift has been made by their vet in memory of their pet.  In addition, your office will receive a certificate you may display that shows your participation in this program.

This is a great way to honor and pay tribute to your patients & clients.  It’s also great way to make a fully tax deductible donation and enhance your customer relationships.

If you are interested in signing up to participate in our Vet Pet Memorial Program, please follow these steps.

1. Complete the participation form and email it to jeffreyb@petpartners.org.  Please mention Vet Pet in the subject line.

2. Each month you can make your donation to our organization.  We will need your donation and your Vet Pet Memorial Program participation form completed.  You can make your donation by visiting our website https://petpartners.org/donate or provide us a credit card. Our online donation system is very safe and provides an easy way to make your gift. You can also mail us a check if you prefer.

3. Vet Pet Memorial Program Recipient Form will need to be received by email, fax or mail.  Please complete and send your lists to us using our tribute contact information form.  This should be around the same time the donation is made.  You can fax, mail or email this form.

4. Once your payment and Recipient Form is received, Pet Partners will send a beautiful tribute card to your clients letting them know of the donation that has been made in memory of their beloved pet.

Due to administrative costs in producing the cards and mailing them we ask that the minimum donation per pet is $10. You can choose any amount you wish above $10.

If you have additional questions about the Vet Pet Memorial Program, please contact Jeffrey Brodzinski at (425) 679-5517 or jeffreyb@petpartners.org.



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