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Bill Kueser

Delta Society VP of Marketing
Bill Kueser is Delta’s new Vice President of Marketing. Bill was raised in Kansas on a family ranch among horses, goats, sheep, chickens, and a circle of dogs. He graduated with a degree English literature from the University of Kansas and studied creative writing in the Master of Fine Arts program at the University of Michigan. After teaching for two years, Bill worked in professional services marketing for more than 15 years.

Bill has volunteered in a variety of animal related organizations, serving as a foster home provider, dog behavior and socialization volunteer, and kennel cleaner. In spring 2008, Bill helped launch the Seattle Humane Society’s off-site adoption program, the MaxMobile, and managed that program for more than a year.

He is delighted to join Delta Society and believes wholeheartedly in its mission to promote the human-animal health and wellness connection. “As an adult I have adopted three dogs from shelters, and each one enriched my life in countless ways. Through its Pet Partner program, Delta volunteers bring animals to people when they need that connection the most. One of my goals through Delta’s marketing programs is to grow those volunteers and reach even more people.”

Bill lives in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle with a rangy and obedience-challenged Labrador named Julius.

Stephanie Kuwasaki

Delta Soceity Marketing Coordinator 
I’m originally from Denver, having moved to Seattle in 2000. I have a degree in Zoology and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work as a volunteer intern zookeeper with the Denver Zoo for a summer. Since then, I’ve been involved with several animal welfare campaigns, both locally and nationally. I have such a passion for animals and I love what animals give to us and what my own pets add to my life. I’ve known for many years that all animals have the ability to create a special bond with humans on some level that is unexplainable to me. I read the following quote in an article recently & it really sums up what I feel: “I believe the human-animal bond can be a very special one. If we allow ourselves to feel compassion for all species, it’s easier to open our hearts to our fellow humans.”

In my spare time, I enjoy photography. My favorite subjects are animals, including my menagerie: Moki and Marta, our two dogs and Gracie and Oscar, our two cats. They’ve all been adopted through various rescue organizations in the Puget Sound area. My critters have been my inspiration to be involved with local rescues by photographing the animals looking for their “forever home.” I also donate my photography services to a small local zoo.

To be able to work with an organization such as Delta Society is such an honor. Just knowing the work I do will somehow help make a difference in somebody’s life is very rewarding.

JoAnn Turnbull

Guest Blogger
Originally from the midwest (IL and OH), I now live in the Seattle area.  After spending 20 some years in the corporate sector, a couple years ago I decided to follow my heart and spend my time working in an area of great passion to me.  I went back to school and earned an executive masters degree in NonProfit Leadership from Seattle University in 2007, and joined Delta Society - first as a volunteer and now on staff.   This is the perfect organization for me as it blends my desire to help people and embrace the joy of animals. I hope that as you read and learn more about Delta Society, that you too will embrace this wonderful organization whose mission is to improve people's health through service and therapy animals.

In addition to having worked at Delta Society, I also volunteer with dog rescue. That's how I became a 'foster failure' - I adopted one of my fosters - Belle. She is the sweetest little girl who had spent the first 2 1/2 years of her life basically serving as a breeder in a puppy mill.  When I first met her she wouldn't look at people and shook non-stop in the most fearful manner I'd ever seen.  She has gained so much confidence over the last couple of years and has been an inspiration for me and others to always look forward.  I'm so proud or my little Belle, and hope one day she will be comfortable enough meeting new people, that we'll be able to become a Pet Partners team.


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