Therapy Animals in Memoriam

These are the beloved animal partners of Pet Partners volunteer teams that, during the month of March 2015, we learned had crossed the "Rainbow Bridge." Pet Partners is grateful for all that they gave of themselves to improve the health and well-being of the people that they visited.

Name Breed Handler State
Dakota Feline - DSH Philip Wischkaemper Texas
Denali Golden Retriever Susan G. Harris California
Dolce Golden Retriever Jerry Loft Texas
Duchess Rose Boxer Mix Michele Markota California
Fenway Golden Retriever Louisa F. Malatos Washington
Jai Labrador Ret. Anne Mosley Massachusetts
Jesse English Setter Art Harvey Arizona
Karlos Italian Greyhound Jenny Langness Wisconsin
Lil Red Chihuahua Wendy D. Young Florida
Lucy Lab Katherine Snedaker Connecticut
Meaghan Faye German Shepherd Linda Brewer Tennessee
Molly Sonshine Pembroke Welsh Corgi Margaret A. Fields Iowa
Murphy Golden Retriever Janet Bradshaw Texas
Nika Boxer Kitty Barnes Texas
Nikki Yellow Lab Dorothy M. Harrison Texas
Pollyanna French Lop Keith & Claudette Adkins California
Reese Yellow Lab Jerry & Cynthia Loft Texas
River Sheltie Susan E. Niles Tennessee
Rosie Bernese Mountain Dog Michelle Simpson Oregon
Shana Toy Poodle Sherry Rothschild California
Sierra Golden Retriever Julianne M. Siegel Ohio
Spice Pembroke Welsh Corgi Vicki Bellew Mississippi
Sunnie Golden Retriever Lyn Findley Montana
Whitney Golden Retriever Marlene Walden Arkansas



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