Books for Children


Pet Loss

Cat HeavenCat Heaven by Cynthia Rylant.1997.

Dog HeavenDog Heaven by Cynthia Rylant.1995.

A Dog Like JackA Dog Like Jack by Dyanne Disalvo-Ryan. 1999.

For Every Dog An AngelFor Every Dog an Angel: The Forever Dog by Christine Davis. 1997.

I'll Always Love YouI'll Aways Love You by H. Wilhem. 1985. Also available in Paperback and School and Library Binding editions.

The Tenth Good Thing About BarneyThe Tenth Good Thing About Barney by Judith Viorst, Erik Blegvad. 1976. Also available in Paperback.

When a Pet DiesWhen a Pet Dies by Fred Rogers. 1988.



A Special Place for Charlee : A Child's Companion Through Pet Loss by Debby Morehead, Karen Cannon (Illustrator). 1996.

Service Dogs

BuddyBuddy : The First Seeing Eye Dog (Hello Reader! Level 4) by Eva Moore, Don Bolognese (Illustrator). 1996.

Follow My LeaderFollow My Leader by James Garfield. 1994.

My BuddyMy Buddy by Audrey Osofsky. 1992. Also available in Paperback.

One Golden YearOne Golden Year: A Story of a Golden Retriever by Coleen Hubbard. 1999.

Rugby and RosieRugby & Rosie by Nan Parson Rossiter. 1997.

Sound FriendshipsSound Friendships, The Story of Willa and Her Hearing Ear Dog by Elizabeth Yates. 1987.

Through Otis' EyesThrough Otis' Eyes : A Lessons Learned from a Guide Dog Puppy by Patricia Burlin Kennedy, Robert Christie (Illustrator). 1997.

Guide Dogs, Seeing for People Who Can't
 by Alice B. McGinty. 1999. 

Therapy Animals

RosieRosie : A Visiting Dog's Story by Stephanie Calmenson, Justin Sutcliffe (Illustrator).1994.

Alexandra Day's Carl, the Dog Series

Carl's AfternoonCarl's Afternoon in the Park by Alexandra Day. Board Book. 1992. Also available in School & Library Binding (1991) and in Spanish (1992).

Carl's BirthdayCarl's Birthday by Alexandra Day. Hardcover. 1995. Also available as a Board Book (1997). 

Carl's ChristmasCarl's Christmas by Alexandra Day. School & Library Binding. 1994. Also available as a Board Book (1994).

Carl Goes ShoppingCarl Goes Shopping by Alexandra Day. School & Library Binding. 1989. Also available as a Board Book (1992).

Carl Goes to DaycareCarl Goes to Daycare by Alexandra Day. Hardcover. 1993. Also available as a Board Book (1995).

Carl Makes a ScrapbookCarl Makes a Scrapbook by Alexandra Day. 1994. 

Carl MasqueradeCarl's Masquerade by Alexandra Day. School & Library Binding. 1992. Also available as a Board Book (1993).

Carl Pops UpCarl Pops Up by Alexandra Day. 1994. 

Follow CarlFollow Carl by Alexandra Day. 1998. 

Good Dog CarlGood Dog, Carl by Alexandra Day. Hardcover. 1985. Also available as a Paperback (1997) and Board Book (1996).


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