Pet Loss and Bereavement Books

A Final Act of CaringA Final Act of Caring by Mary and Herb Montgomery. 1993. (Available from Dogwise.) 

Cold Noses at the Pearly GatesCold Noses at the Pearly Gates by Gary Kurz. 1997. (Available from

Coping with the Loss of a PetCoping With the Loss of a Pet by C. Lemieux. 1989. (Available from

The Final FarewellThe Final Farewell; Preparing for and Mourning the Loss of Your Pet by Marty Tousley, Katherine Heuerman. 1997. (Available from

For Every Dog An AngelFor Every Dog an Angel: The Forever Dog by Christine Davis. 1997. (Available from

Forever FriendsForever Friends: Resolving Grief After the Loss of a Beloved Animal by Joan Coleman. 1993. (Available from Dogwise.)

Good Bye my FriendGood-Bye My Friend by Mary and Herb Montgomery. 1993. (Available from Dogwise.)

It's Okay to CryIt's Okay To Cry by Maria L. Quintana, et al. 1998. (Available from

Loving and Losing a PetLoving and Losing a Pet : A Psychologist and a Veterinarian Share Their Wisdom by Michael Stern, Susan Cropper. 1998. (Available from

Maya's First RoseMaya's First Rose, Diary of a Very Special Love by Martin Scot Kosins. 1992. (Available from

Pet Loss and Human BereavementPet Loss and Human Bereavement by William J. Kay, et al. 1995. (Available from

Pet LossPet Loss : A Thoughtful Guide for Adults & Children by Herbert A. Nieburg, et al. 1996. (Available from Dogwise.)

Surviving the Heartbreak of Choosing Death for Your PetSurviving the Heartbreak of Choosing Death for Your Pet by Linda Mary Peterson. 1997. (Available from


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