“I believe that the ways animals can help and heal our lives are countless.  They are able to touch places in our hearts like nothing else can.  Delta Society is the perfect organization for teaching us how these special bonds we have with animals work.  Bruce and I are proud to be part of Delta Society.”

Jeannie Nordstrom (Caring Community Member)

Include Pet Partners in Your Will

(Planned Estate Giving)

Become a Caring Community Member by including Pet Partners in your will.   It is a wonderful way to leave your legacy to support the power of the human-animal bond for many years to come. 

For your convenience and reference we've created a document, Writing Your Will, which provides an overview of various options and tips on writing or revising your will.  Please CLICK HERE to download your free copy. 

If you have questions, or would like to let us know that you are naming Pet Partners as a beneficiary in your will, please contact our Planned Giving Coordinator, Dr. Bill McCulloch at billmacdvm@comcast.net or 503-646-4884.

"We are members of the Caring Community and with Delta Society's 35+ years history, we are confident about the organization's future.  We hope you join us as Caring Community Members, by designating Delta Society as a beneficiary in your will.  By doing so you will help ensure our much needed programs and services continue for generations to come."
                                           Bill and Janice McCulloch


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