Library: GENERAL Health Benefits of Animals

Updated: 1/24/2013 (*denotes newest articles)


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Healthy Reasons to Have a Pet (compiled listing of several research study findings)

Domestic and Farm-Animal Exposures and Risk of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in a Population-Based Study in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Gregory J. Tranah, Paige M. Bracci, and Elizabeth A. Holly.  Cancel Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev, 17(9), 2008, September.

Veterinary Students’ Attitudes About the Legal Status of Dogs and Cats Francois Martin1, Sylvia Glover JD21 Center for the Study of Animal Well-being, Washington State University, United States, 2WSU Office of the Attorney General [Presentation from the 11th International Conference on Human-Animal Interactions, People & Animals: Partnership in Harmony, Tokyo, Japan, October 5-8, 2008]

A Four-Legged Cure by Heather Grimshaw - ThriVe nyc, July 2008

Study Results: Stress in Pet Owners and Non-Pet Owners by Jill Kraus

Feature Article: Developing a Physiology of Inclusion: Recognizing the Health Benefits of Animal Companions by James Lynch.

The Healthy Pleasure of Their Company by Karen Allen (part of Companion Animals in the Community.)

Recent Discoveries About Our Relationships with the Natural World by Leo Bustad.

Coping with Life Changes & Transitions: The Role of the Pet by Karen Allen.

Loneliness: A Health Hazard of Modern Times by Susan L. Duncan.

Studies of Loneliness: Recent Research into the Effects of Companion Animals by Andrea Leigh Ptak.

Recent Studies on How the Presence of Pets Affects People During Life Transitions by Ann Howie.

The Role of Pets in the Social Networks of Children, Adolescents, and Elderly People by June McNicholas and Glyn M. Collis

Benefits of Animal-Assisted Therapy at a Veterinary School by Deborah Linder, Tufts Veterinary School.

Doggie ‘doctors’ diagnose their owners’ ills: Canines’ keen sense of smell, intuition helps them detect people's disease by Kim Campbell Thornton, MSNBC contributor, August 27, 2008


Does Emotional Support From Cats Depend Upon Anthropomorphism?John Bradshaw, Peter Hiscox, Elizabeth Paul

University of Bristol, Bristol, UK.

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Health Benefits of Animals


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Book Review: People I Sleep With by Jill Fineberg

Soul Friends, Finding Healing with Animals by Kate Nicoll

Book Review: The World's Children and Their Companion Animals, Developmental and Education Significance of the Child/Pet Bond. Edited by Mary Renck Jalongo

Heel to Heal: The Collection of Animal Paintings, Drawings and Photographs of Bruce Weber and Nan Bush. The collection of animal paintings, drawings and photographs features an eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary art embodying the spirit of the museum-quality Heel to Heal exhibition at Windsor, March 14 – June 1 2004. Forward by Alannah Weston, the gallery's founder as well as Sophie Craighead, Delta Society Chairperson Emeritus, provides a nice segue into the book with the conclusion The Tales (or Tails) of a Collection by Bruce Weber and Nan Bush. To order call 772-388-4071, email or make a $200 donation to Pet Partners and receive a sealed copy as a gift.

Heel to Heal Poster: Well Trusted Friend - John Drysdale. All proceeds donated to Pet Partners.  Price $25.00. To order call 772-388-4071, email, or fax 772 388 4886

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