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Therapy Dog Attire Policy

While Pet Partners recognizes that many pet owners enjoy costuming their pets at home and even in public settings, particularly around many holiday events, the use of costumes and clothing in an animal-assisted therapy environment raises a number of concerns for the animal, the handler and the clients or patients being seen.

Pet Partners adheres to the global standards for animal welfare set by the International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations (IAHAIO.)  Their recommendations advising against animals wearing costumes or clothing during an animal-assisted interaction are based on research and input from veterinarians, clinical practitioners, and other human animal interaction organizations. IAHAIO White Paper Final Report. 

Pet Partners harbors no ill will towards motorcycle enthusiasts. Holiday costumes, tutus or clothing other than a scarf are also not allowed. We wish Mark and Chopper all the best and hope that they will continue to bring smiles to the people they meet.  Mark is welcome back by Pet Partners should he decide to follow our protocol regarding wearing clothing or costumes during a therapeutic encounter.

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