Step 3: Team Evaluation

Schedule a Team Evaluation of your human-animal team's skills and aptitudes by a Pet Partners Licensed Team Evaluator. You can search for current evaluation openings or contact evaluators in your area and inquire about upcoming evaluations HERE.

Evaluations take approximately 45 minutes and are a role play of a visit. The Team Evaluation process evaluates the animal/handler team; how well the handler interprets and manages the animal's behavior and how well the animal responds to the handler. The main emphasis being that the animal is under control at all times. This process allows Pet Partners a rigorous way to identify teams that will be safe and successful in the community.

Team evaluations have two parts:
  1. Pet Partners Skills Test (PPST) is designed to show whether the animal can be controlled by the handler and follow basic commands. During the PPST, you will be assessed on how you interact with the evaluator, the evaluator's assistants, the animal, and the environment around you.
  2. Pet Partners Aptitude Test (PPAT) is designed to simulate conditions you may encounter on a visit. This screening helps determine the most appropriate environment for you and your animal to visit. During the PPAT, you will be assessed on how well you interact with the evaluator and evaluator's assistants as you simulate being on a visit. They will be role-playing as though they are in a facility. Your interactions may be in the form of questions, responses to the evaluator and evaluator's comments, eye contact, smiling, head nodding, directing the animal to interact, or other verbal and nonverbal methods of communicating.
The Pet Partners Team Evaluator will complete a score sheet that will be submitted with your registration paperwork. Evaluation scores are valid for 90 days. There are four possible scored outcomes to your evaluation: qualified to visit in a complex environment, qualified to visit in a predictable environment, not ready to visit, and not appropriate for visiting. Your evaluator will discuss your results with you at the end of the evaluation. Not everyone passes the first time. We encourage those who receive 'Not Ready to Visit' scores to spend some time preparing and try again in the future.

For a description of how the evaluation is modified for different species, please review this chart. We encourage prospective handlers with animals other than dogs and cats to talk to their evaluator beforehand to understand expectations and prepare them for success.

If the handler or the animal has a disability, we are happy to assist with accommodations. Please email prior to scheduling your evaluation so that special accommodations can be arranged.


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