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Interactions Summer 2015The Most Meaningful Experience of My Life

Summer 2015
Between them, Molly and Ed have lived 92 years. Together they have made more than 1,000 Pet Partners visits to schools, assisted living facilities, day care centers and other sites. The team has comforted those who were near the end of life, calmed frightened children, coaxed conversation out of those reluctant to speak and in at least one instance, may have helped turn a life around.

Winter 2015 Cover
Major Rumayor and Lexy: Serving Our Country at Fort Bragg

Winter 2015
Pet Partners introduces a very special registered therapy animal team.  Major Christina Rumayor is a psychiatrist for soldiers at Fort Bragg, North Carolina who uses her German Shepherd Lexy for Animal-Assisted Therapy in counseling sessions.  This issue also includes an article written by Pet Partners board member, author, professor and psychologist Aubrey Fine who describes how species other than dogs can be beneficial as therapy animals.  The new Delta Giving Society (page 19) welcomes supporters of the human-animal bond.

Interactions Spring Summer 2014 cover imageComet and Kaylee; an Uncommon Therapy Team

Summer 2014

Pet Partners registers species other than dogs to be therapy animals.  In this issue we feature a recent team evaluation session for llamas that was held at our headquarters office in Bellevue, Washington.  Also included is the announcement of Pet Partners new President and Ceo, Catherine "Annie" Magnant and the 2013 Annual Report.

Interactions - Winter 2014 Cover

Picking Up The Pieces in Newtown, Connecticut

r 2014
One year after the devastating tragedy at Sandyhook Elementary, Pet Partners reports on the work of therapy animal teams which comforted survivors throughout the community.  The positive benefits of these interactions sparked a Connecticut measure that formalizes a state-sponsored system for training social workers and dogs in animal-assisted therapy.  Sandyhook and other recent crises were also impetus for Pet Partners' development of an online continuing education course for registered teams called "Animal-Assisted Crisis Response."  It will be released in early 2014 along with another course, "Working with Veterans."

Therapy Animals Bring Stress Relief to College Campuses

Fall/Winter 2012 - Volume 30, #2
Preparing for college exams is one of the most stressful times in the lives of young adults.  Being separated from family pets can make it even more difficult.  It's understandable, then, why Pet Partners Therapy Animal Teams are increasingly welcomed at university campuses across the country.  We share the history of these programs, individual stories and responses from the students themselves.

Pet Partners Celebrates 35 Years

Spring/Summer 2012 - Volume 30, #1
Pet Partners introduces its new President & CEO
R. Stephen Browning and shares healing stories from across the country about our therapy animal teams and the people they benefit.  The issue also contains Pet Partners’ 2011 annual report.



Pet Partners Supporting Our Veterans

Fall/Winter 2011 - Volume 29, #2
Delta Society explores how Pet Partners and service animals have enriched the happiness and healing of countless veterans across the country. Sharing the history, applications, benefits, and current opportunities for supporting veterans, this issue is filled with touching stories of healing.


Celebrating 20 Years of Pet Partners

Spring/Summer 2011 - Volume 29, #1
In this special edition, Delta Society takes an in-depth look at the rich history of the Pet Partners program -- from how it began, to the lives it has touched, and all the efforts in between. Exploring the breadth and depth of Pet Partners volunteer efforts and supporting research, this issue covers where Pet Partners have been and where we're going.

Achievements in AAT

Achievements in AAT

Fall 2010 - Volume 28, #2

Today's health care professionals are being challenged to help patients get better faster. And many of them have realized that individualized treatment plans incorporating animal-assisted therapy (AAT) have the capacity to help them do just that. It's not a new idea, but it took a very long time to catch on. As early as the mind-19th century, Florence Nightengale noted that small birds in the rooms of her patients provided a primary source of comfort, thereby promoting healing.

Celebrating Our Animal CompanionsCelebrating Our Animal Companions

Spring 2010 - Volume 28, #1

People with pets know they offer a form of unconditional love that never wavers.  The human-animal bond and the powerful impact it has on individual lives has been documented in one form or another for thousands of years.  Nearly every person with a pet has a special story about how an animal touched their life, or helped them cope with a serious issue.  When Delta Society Members were asked to share their personal anecdotes, we weren't surprised by the scope and variety of responses received.

Celebrating Non-Dog Pet Partners TeamsCelebrating Non-Dog Pet Partners Teams

Fall 2009 - Volume 27, #2

When we think therapy animal teams more often than not we think of a human–dog partnership. But the benefits that come from interactions with animals are not limited to dogs and can be felt with other animals. Currently the Pet Partners program has 433 non-dog therapy animal teams, the top three are cats, horses and rabbits.

Presenting the 2008 Beyond Limits® Award WinnersPresenting the 2008 Beyond Limits® Award Winners

Spring 2009 - Volume 27, #1

There are few who can deny that the United States is in a downed economic state—perhaps unlike any we’ve seen since the Great Depression. For many, this has meant a reduction in the family budget because of higher costs and/or loss of income. When a down-turned economy hits home, we all look for ways to save money.Some may be tempted to relinquish the family pet. However, research suggests this may not be the best move.

30 Stories to Celebrate 30 Years30 Stories to Celebrate 30 Years

Fall 2008 - Volume 26, #2

For over 30 years, Delta Society has been researching, supporting and promoting the health benefits of the human–animal bond. From the beginning, the founders of Delta Society recognized the importance of pets in people’s lives. To celebrate our 30+ years, this issue features 30 stories which highlight Delta Society's history and honor some very special animals who have changed people's lives. Enjoy!

Delta Society's Shining Youth Pet PartnersDelta Society’s Shining Stars: Youth Pet Partners

Spring 2008 - Volume 26, #1

Great kids make great Pet Partners. Take Rachael Cummings, for example, finalist of the Beyond Limits® 2007 Rookie of the Year Award with Rascal, her fiveyear-old, long-haired Chihuahua. When she was in fifth grade, Rachael was required by her school, to perform 12 hours of community service. She and her mother, Krista Cummings, searched for an activity to do together and discovered Delta Society

Preparing for the Graying of AmericaTake One Dog and Call Me in the Morning:
Preparing for the Graying of America

Fall 2007 - Volume 25, #2

The Baby Boom generation, due in part to its large size, has been a catalyst for change in society. While in their teens and early twenties, Boomers influenced and changed American cultural values. As Boomers approached their thirties and forties, their needs and values drove researchers, marketers, and providers to develop heath care solutions ranging from for childcare and health maintenance products to life enhancement, such as cosmetic surgery and Viagra®, to medications to ameliorate aches and pains that the previous generations accepted simply as a part of growing old.




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