How to Become a Registered Therapy Animal Team

Getting Started

To ensure your pet meets all of the requirements for our Therapy Animal Program, please review the Prerequisites for Becoming a Registered Therapy Animal Team.

Registration Process

Follow the steps below or download our complete How to Become a Therapy Animal Team Packet for detailed information and answers to frequently asked questions.

Volunteer Support

If you need additional support or information, contact our  Volunteer Department:

Phone: (425) 679-5530

Step 1:
Train the 'Human-End' of the Leash by attending a Pet Partners' Therapy Animal Handler Course either in-person or online.

Step 2: Have the Health of Your Therapy Animal Screened by a Veterinarian
Step 3: Have Your Human-Animal team's Skills & Aptitude Evaluated
Step 4: Submit Your Registration Application

Pet Partners is excited to be in the planning phase for international expansion of the Therapy Animal Program. To express interest and receive information as it becomes available, please contact  Annie Magnant.

Step 1: Pet Partners' Therapy Animal Handler Course

Learn the skills needed to visit safely with your animal in hospitals, nursing homes, classrooms, and other facilities. Successful completion of this course, in instructor-led or online format, is required for registration as a Therapy Animal Team.

Topics include:
●  How to tell if both you and your animal are a good fit for becoming a volunteer team.
●  Preparing yourself and your animal for visits.
●  Identifying and decreasing stress in your animal.
●  Animal health and safety.
●  Special needs of specific client groups.
●  How to interact with different types of people.
●  Facility health and safety codes.
●  Patient confidentiality.

Complete the Handler course in one of the two formats offered:

Instructor-led workshops are highly recommended. Prospective volunteers who complete an instructor-led workshop are more likely to pass their team evaluation on the first attempt. The Pet Partners' Therapy Animal Handler Course is presented as an 8 hour course. Students receive a copy of the Therapy Animal Handler Student Guide and practice visiting skills. Upon successful completion, students are given a certificate of completion and a registration packet. These courses are taught by licensed Pet Partners instructors and scheduled throughout the year in locations all over the country. To find a Pet Partners' Therapy Animal Handler Course near you, CLICK HERE.

An Online Pet Partners' Therapy Animal Handler Course is available
for handlers who cannot attend a workshop. The course includes a downloadable student guide and additional resource documents, with video and knowledge checks to reinforce learning. Students that complete and pass the overall assessment will be able to download a certificate of completion and the registration packet.

Course certificates for workshops and online courses are valid for 2 years.

“At first I thought it was strange that I had to devote this time to the program without my dog being involved. But, once the Workshop was complete, I understood why. It really familiarized me with handling my dog, what to expect in the evaluation, and the experiences I would undergo while out on a therapy visit.”

Emily Narkiewicz
New Pet Partner with Frankie





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