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Thank you for your generous donations in honor or in memory of your loved ones.  We are grateful for your support of our programs and your appreciation of the honored people and animals listed below

(A special opportunity was given to our donors through our May 2013 Tribute Appeal mailing to display their tributes publicly.  The following donors have sent monetary gifts to Pet Partners during the months of June & July 2013.  This list will be updated periodically.)
Donor Name In Honor of a Living Animal
Ms. Nancy Jo Connell Endo
Mrs. Brook Foster Dexter Foster
Mr. Michael E. Gillivan Emma Lou
Julie A. Janssen, M.D. Liebe, Jaxson, Lexy and Mobius
Mr. Kenneth A. Jenkins Sebastian
Ms. Mary Kueberth Doc Lloyd Kueberth
Ms. Kathryn McCall Jagg
Ms. Andy Pletz Misha
Linda A. Whitesell Britt

Donor Name In Honor of a Living Person
Ms. Teresa Ard Betty Magee
Ms. Muriel Caouette Richard R. Harris
Mimi and Esther Karlin Nancy George-Michalson
Miss Barbara A. Klein Liberty Humane Society
Ms. Terri Minkin Alyssa, Winston & Ari
Ms. Linda Nichols Debra Kelley and Lucy
Mr. Don O'Leary Pat Miya and Bentley
Dr. Linda D. Walters John & Gonny Garrison

Donor Name In Memory of a Person
Fay Marie Gardner Linda Buettner
Dr. Julia Wellin Donald Michael Lefari
Ms. Pat H. Davidson Jo Ball

Donor Name In Memory of an Animal
Anonymous Mowgli
Ms. Mona W. Beard Heidi
Barbara and Louis Borodinsky Casey, Di and Norman
Ms. Muriel Caouette Clay
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Crandall Tonka
Ms. Sally Sue Davis Miss Q
Mrs. Karen Ingalls Agape
Mr. Fred Koechlein Angel
Ms. Kelly Leerman Kirby Grundfest
Ms. Rosario Rogasch Callie
Ms. Lindi B. Wadlington, ARNP Mabelline
Mr. Ronald Yucas Thomas DeForse


Did you know?

Pet Partners receives no government funding.


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