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Pet Partners is the leader in promoting and demonstrating that positive human–animal interactions improve the physical, emotional and psychological lives of those we serve.

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A study entitled "The Development and Validation of a Research Evaluation Instrument to Assess the Effectiveness of Animal-Assisted Therapy" was recently conducted among therapists and handlers in 4 western states administering AAT in order to plan, construct, evaluate and validate a new, functional evaluation tool for use in formal AAT sessions.

A panel of evaluators from the AAT field first reviewed the tool for content. After the appropriate modifications were made a group of therapists and handlers piloted the tool in daily practice to assess the ease of use, reliability and validity of the new tool. After implementation, this group proposed further modifications around user ability, content and formatting. The requested improvements were integrated into the new evaluation instrument in hopes of producing a universal AAT guidance and evaluation tool that could be used on a much larger scale. Hence, further research is still needed on this topic.

Results from this study found that users considered the tool a helpful guide and provided direction and focus during AAT. Study findings also confirmed that AAT programs are providing a unique and quality service to those with chronic conditions and prolonged hospitalization. Therapeutic effects were seen regardless of age, gender or diagnosis.

To download the comprehensive study abstract and the AAT Guidance and Evaluation Tool Template Login or Register as an AAT Professional with Pet Partners' Online Community. After logging in or completing the New User Registration form you will gain access to this and other tools for AAT professionals.


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